Reviews for Maytag ranges vary by website and model number, but the entire line has a poor 1.3 of 5 stars rating on, as of 2015. Some models do better, however, such as the Gemini model number MGT8820... More »

Among the most reliable gas range reviews are available at and BestReviews provides extensive reviews of the five best gas ranges on the market, while uses strict standardized t... More »

Gas range reviews and comparisons are available from a number of consumer rating websites, such as Good Housekeeping, Consumer Reports and Top Ten Reviews. Typically, these types of review websites note the positive and ... More »

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The model number for Maytag gas ovens is usually located in either the front right side of the burner box or behind the storage drawer. For electric models, the number is located on a flip up tag behind the control panel... More »

The Maytag website offers a search feature that allows visitors to search for manuals by simply entering the model number of the oven. Instructions for locating the model number on a range, wall oven or cooktop are also ... More »

Maytag covers all ranges purchased in 2014 or later by a 10-year limited warranty on certain components, but the specific terms of the warranty vary from model to model. Most Maytag gas and electric freestanding ranges i... More »

In many cases, Maytag's gas ranges offer lower operating costs than their electric ranges. Maytag offers similar features on both their electric and gas models. More »