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Gases, Liquids, and Solids. Gases, liquids and solids are all made up of atoms, molecules, and/or ions, but the behaviors of these particles differ in the three phases. The following figure illustrates the microscopic differences.


If the gas particles are compressed into close proximity they behave more like a liquid (see fluid dynamics). Simplified models. An equation of state (for gases) is a mathematical model used to roughly describe or predict the state properties of a gas. At present, there is no single equation of state that accurately predicts the properties of ...


Gas is a state of matter that has no fixed shape and no fixed volume. Gas particles spread out and are evenly spaced throughout a container.


Students will be able to describe the motion of the particles in solids, liquids, and gases. Content statements: - The particles of a gas move quickly and are able to spread apart from one another. - The particles of a liquid are able to move past each other.


Gas particles, like the particles in all states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) are always moving apart and colloding with other particles. Gas particles have more space in between and tend to move ...


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A note for teachers: the lab now records student's answers which can be printed out. Students will still need to have paper to graph their data and answers on.


A gas is defined as a state of matter consisting of particles that have neither a defined volume nor defined shape. It is one of the four fundamental states of matter, along with solids, liquids, and plasma. Under ordinary conditions, the gas state is between the liquid and plasma states.


Looking for a Gas Gases are everywhere. You may have heard about the atmosphere. The atmosphere is an envelope of gases that surrounds the Earth. In solids, atoms and molecules are compact and close together. Liquids have atoms that are spread out a little more. The molecules in gases are really spread out, full of energy, and constantly moving ...


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