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A gas water heater is a water heating system that incorporates a gas burner that heats up the water running through it. A gas water typically has two water pipes, one each for hot and cold water, as well as a chimney running up its middle portion.


The most common reasons for an excessively hot gas water heater include a defective gas valve, a defective thermostat and a short in the heating element. The most effective solutions are replacement of the defective parts and adjustments to the heater's electrical wirin...


A hot water tank heater works by the principle of convection where heated hot water rises and cold water is lowered to take its place before being heated. Gas is used to heat the water at the bottom of the tank.


Gas water heaters are less expensive to run than electric models and have a faster hot water recovery rate, which is attractive to large families. In the United States, gas powered water heaters are used in 60 percent of residences, making them the heater of choice as o...


Hot water tanks provide storage for hot water that is used for space heating and domestic uses, such as laundry, bathing and washing dishes. There are various ways that hot water tanks heat water, including gas or oil burners, electric-immersion heaters or an external h...


Gas hot-water heaters with power vents are vented using PVC pipe through walls. They do not require the horizontal vents installers use with naturally vented gas water heaters. An exhaust fan provides the power to move the undesirable gases out of the home.


Used hot water tanks serve the same purpose as new hot water tanks, and both heat cold water. Used hot water tanks not only heat water, the tank also stores hot water waiting for use. The used hot water tank usually has delivery pipes and a water supply on top.