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Jim Davis created "Garfield." Davis first sold "Garfield" to a newspaper in 1978. By 1990, the strip had won him all the major national cartoon awards. In 2015, the Guinness Book of Records recognized "Garfield" as the biggest syndicated comic strip in the world.


Garfield is an orange, tabby-patterned cat. His breed is the exotic shorthair. Garfield is known for his love of lasagna, as well as being overweight and lazy.


“Scary Scavenger Hunt,” “The Amazing Garfield,” “Garfield 2” and “Lasagna from Heaven” are some fun Garfield games that have good user ratings. These online games are designed for children and are free to play on roundgames.com and garfield.com.


Some of Garfield games for kids are Garfield Beat The Cheese, Garfield Mix and Match, Garfield Punt The Pooch, The Garfield Show Puzzle, and Garfield Scary Scavenger Hunt 2. These are all online games.


The comic strip character Garfield, created by Jim Davis, is an overweight ginger tabby cat. Garfield lives with his owner, Jon Arbuckle, and Jon's dog Odie.


"Professor Garfield" games are available at ProfessorGarfield.org. Professor Garfield games are free to play and include titles such as "G-Cubed," "Mission-Z," "Bedtime Match-Up," "Dream Racers" and "Sheep Shot.ヤ Other titles include "Brain Busters," "Atomic Sparkball" ...


While there is no official game entitled Garfield's Halloween Haunted House, there is a game called “Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt” that takes place in a haunted house. The rules for this game require players to search for hidden objects while keeping Garfield's scare...