Many classic names for boy kittens are names made popular by famous characters or celebrities, such as Garfield, Tigger, Einstein and Elvis. Other names, such as Kit Kat, Inky and Blaze, are inspired by inanimate objects... More »

Wal-Mart sells several versions of Chia pets on its website, but the products are not available in stores. The inventory at Wal-Mart's website includes Chia pets themed to resemble well-known pop culture characters like ... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Formal names like Keith, Glen or Richard are unique because they are rarely considered as cat names. When choosing a unique cat's name, it is best to opt for a name that is not common or popular. According to PetMD, comm... More »

Some cute names for boy cats include Leo, Toby, Oliver, Tigger, Garfield, Bandit, Bagheera, Chester, Felix, Milo and Morris, according to PetMD. Cat names should reflect the animal's personality, disposition or coloring. More » Pets & Animals Pets Cats

The most popular male kitten names are Garfield, Cassidy, Tigger, Harley, Milo, Blade, Leo, Oliver, Toby and Mikesch, according to PetMD. Other popular kitten names include Max, Tiger, Charlie, Simba and Milo. More »

As of 2014, popular names for a male cat include Toby, Garfield, Simba and Tigger. Many people name their cat after a character in their favorite movie, such as Oliver from Disney's "Oliver and Company" or Milo, the lead... More »

Good names for a kitten include cute names, such as Angel, Mittens or Snuggles; famous names like Shakespeare, Sacajewea, Einstein or Cleopatra; and comical names, such as Dave Meowthews, Bill Clawsby or Pico de Gato. Pa... More »