Care for gardenia flowers by placing the plant in a good location, using well-drained soil, watering the plant deeply, adding mulch and fertilizing the gardenia bush. This bush needs a tropical environment to thrive, req... More »

The gardenia flower symbolizes secret love, purity and peace, according to's Flower Dictionary. The gardenia was often used during the Victorian era to express anonymous or hidden love. Gardenias are also us... More »

Gardenias can be grown as either an indoor plant or an outdoor plant, depending upon location. Gardenias prefer to grow in zones 8 to 10. In zones outside these locations, growing them in pots and bringing them indoors i... More »

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Care for a gardenia plant by placing it in a sunny location, amending the soil with the proper nutrients, watering the plant regularly, and giving the plant a humid environment. Fertilize the gardenia twice a year, and p... More »

Care for lilies by choosing a location with full sun and well-drained soil, keeping the lilies moist year-round, feeding them regularly, composting and mulching them annually, and trimming faded flowers. You need compost... More »

To grow gardenias, plant them in a humid and sunny location, add compost to the soil, mulch the plant, water the plant regularly, fertilize the plant, and prune the plant. You need compost, mulch, fertilizer and pruning ... More »

Care for a fuchsia plant by placing it in a good location, mulching the soil, watering it regularly, fertilizing the plant often and selectively pruning it. You need mulch, fertilizer and pruning scissors. More »