A garage sale is a private sale at an individual's home where the owner sells their personal belongings. Garage sales often take place in the garage, but they may also take place on the driveway, lawn or patio. Other nam... More »

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There are many different sites where garage sale listings can be found online, including Craigslist, GarageSales, Gsalr, VarageSale and YardSaleSearch. These sites allow users to search for sales in their area or adverti... More »

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Some online garage sale sites include The Online Yard Sale and VarageSale. Both sites allow users to list and sell household items and possession for free online. More »

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If you are a new home owner, changing the code that will open your garage door increases your home security. The process takes just a few minutes and is similar on most standard units, but it does require a ladder to acc... More »

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There isn't a single, official definition of what classifies as a tiny house, and the exact parameters of this subjective definition may vary by individual. One rule of thumb is that dwelling spaces must be less than 100... More »

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Most standard homeowner's insurance policies include coverage for the structure of the home, liability, personal belongings and living expenses, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Some homeowner's insuranc... More »

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Find seashell bedding available for sale on online stores such as OceanStyles.com, Bhg.com and BedBathAndBeyond.com, as of 2016. These stores feature a large collection of seashell bedding that buyers can use to improve ... More »

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