Assess the garage's condition before converting it into a room to rent out. Check for mold and moisture problems, and get rid of any pest problems first. You should also investigate the insulation and ventilation, check ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Rental garages are commonly used for car storage. In most instances, vehicles are to be registered, insured and in good working condition in keeping with the garage owners' wishes. Other items generally acceptable in a r... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Some garage apartment plans are the floor plans used to build living quarters in a detached garage setting. Sometimes the garage apartment plans consist of two levels. On the first level, there is a room for one or more ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials
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The price of a used garage door depends on its condition and its material, but some can cost nearly the same amount as new doors, especially wood doors. Buyers can often find good deals on doors made from aluminum or tha... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

As of July 2015, Menards carries a wide variety of prefab garage kits, from simple one-car structures to large four-car garages with added storage space. Other options include garages with built-in apartments, gambrel ro... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Some garage plans with living space are simple studio, multiple room, third level and side-by-side garage plans. Living space above the storage and car areas is possible when there is ample room made available in the des... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Building a garage adds value to your property. The garage provides a place for storage and parking your vehicle out of the elements. Start the process with thorough planning. More » Home & Garden Outdoor