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In order to repair a garage door, repair or replace the trim, frame and track. Garage doors can be affected by a few specific problems, so repairing a garage door depends on what needs repaired, such as the door, opener or frame.


While some garage door problems can be fixed by a single person, the heavy weight of garage doors might demand extra help. If a panel needs to be replaced, a second set of hands is almost certainly necessary.


Some common garage door motor repairs include replacing the main gear and replacing the control board. Both repairs are relatively simple, and parts cost between $20 and $80, as of 2016.


Except for repair of the motor and spring, most garage door fixes can be done without a manual or professional help. The level of complexity and process of a repair depends on the nature of the problem. The motor, track and rollers are common culprits of garage door issues.


Garage doors typically range from 9 feet to 20 feet wide and 7 feet to 8 feet tall. Popular widths for one-car garage doors are 8 feet, 9 feet or 10 feet, while those for two-car garage doors are 12 feet, 14 feet or 16 feet.


To repair a garage door sensor, ensure the wires are connected properly in the sensor's receiver, clean the receiver's screws, and take out any objects that might obstruct the sensor's beam. In addition, adjust the height of the sensor's receiver and transmitter so both are fixed 6 inches above the


Some different types of garage doors for the home include short and long raised-panel doors, flush panel doors, garage doors with grooved panels and carriage house styles. Additional garage door types include aluminum and glass styles, insulated doors and full glass doors. Sectional steel doors, rol


Automatic garages use an electrical motor to open and close the door. Because garage doors are so heavy, this motors connects to a cable and pulley system and a large torsion spring to convert the fast motor rotation into a slow and smooth pulling action.


Tips for fixing a garage door depends on what is wrong with the door; for instance, if the door is frozen shut and loses power, check the pressure adjustments. If the power is out and the door needs to open, pull the cord with the red handle that allows the door to open and close manually.


Malfunctioning circuit boards, a power surge or a thunderstorm are potential causes of a garage door opening by itself. In rare cases, a neighbor may accidentally open a homeowner's garage door, especially if the door has been operating for more than 20 years already.