A gap year is a time period when a college student takes time off of regular academic instruction to travel, find work or experience another aspect of life that doesn't involve formal instruction. This year may actually ... More »

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Appropriate art projects for 2-year-olds include block printing, making monsters out of dough, creating objects out of found objects, making bracelets and necklaces out of pasta or beads, concocting bath paint, and paint... More »

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Science fair projects for a five-year-old include "Sniffing Jars," which explores the sense of smell, "Dinosaur Tracks," which explores how fossil imprints are made, and "Why do Plants Wilt?" which teaches kids how to ke... More »

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According to the College Board, in-state tuition and fees for a public, four-year college student averages $8,655 per year. Out-of-state students who attend a public, four-year institution can expect to pay around $21,70... More »

Important features for a physical college student planner are pages with plenty of space to make notes and a calendar that at least eclipses the months of the school year. College student planner smartphone applications ... More »

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School archives contain records of the actions of school boards and chronicle changes in student life over time, changes in curriculum and instruction, the various terms of different superintendents and the school distri... More »

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Higher education programs are expensive due to a variety of factors including tuition increases, reductions of state budgets, higher student loan fees, and longer times to complete four-year degrees. As of October 2014, ... More »

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