Nearly every member of the law enforcement community will agree, the average civilian either lacks the familiarity or the proximity to accurately identify gang tattoos or symbols. More than this, symbolism varies from on... More » Government & Politics Crime

Prison tattoos are those that are created while incarcerated or are designed to look that way. They may convey gang or mafia affiliation, racism or toughness. More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

A razor blade enveloped in a leafy vine, dangling bullets hanging with leaves and a gun with vines wrapped around it are some examples of gangsta tattoos. Other examples include names of people tattooed on the back of th... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos
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Most state police and local law enforcement departments provide crime information for a particular area. The state police departments of some states and cities, such as Vermont or Philadelphia, use the services of CrimeR... More » Government & Politics Crime

The major difference between the crime control model and the due process model of law enforcement is that crime control works to repress criminal activity, and due process works to protect a person's rights. Crime contro... More » Government & Politics Crime

Some statistics on police corruption are that law enforcement reported 4,861 instances of police misconduct in 2010 and that police use of excessive force comprises 23.8 percent of law enforcement corruption. Per capital... More » Government & Politics Crime

According to Robert L. Tankel, a Floridian attorney at law, it may be possible for a homeowners association to ban a sex offender from either residing in or buying a home in a specific community, as long as the statute a... More » Government & Politics Crime