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The three dots tattoo is a common prison tattoo that represents “mi vida loca,” or “my crazy life.” It’s not associated with any particular gang, but with the gang lifestyle itself.


Gang tattoos identify gang members, symbolizes commitment and allegiance to one's gang, and can also identify a particular crime, threat or another gang-related event. Tattoos are also often used to send a message of intimidation and ownership to other gangs.


The Crips have a lot of tattoos associated with them, with a portion of them having to do with disrespecting their rival gang, the Bloods. For example, the numbers 211 on a Crip stand for “Blood Killer.” The two represents the “B” in the alphabet, and the 11 represents “K.” Similarly ...


GANGINK.COM is the largest online tattoo database. The website currently has over 1500 tattoo pictures of Chicago Gangs, and is adding pictures for gang tattoos all over the country. The site is dedicated to bringing you the best resource for understanding the variety and complexity of gang tattoos.


Gang tattoos in the Russian Mafia are vastly different than gang tattoos in the Mexican Mafia.’ Tattoos done in Russian prisons are often done with extreme detail and care. Russian gangs members often devote themselves entirely to the gang, body and all, forsaking all friends and family members.


Gang Tattoos Meanings. As said before, a gang tattoo is inked to indicate that a person belongs to a particular gang. The tattoo also intends to tell the world about the belief and loyalty of the bearer to his group, even if it is not approved by others.


Common tattoos are names of relatives or gang members, symbols of aggression, tattoos advertising a particular skill, or religious imagery. One of the most well-known criminal tattoos is the teardrop tattoo .


Gang and prison tattoos work like a sort of code and speak a language of their own. Numbers and letters are important gang symbols. They indicate for example what status a member has in the group or what a prisoner is in for.


Tattoos are an integral part of the life style of the gangsters. The body art is prevalent in many crime gangs of different countries and gangsters wear tattoos on their body parts as a mark of identity and allegiance to their groups.


Gang Stigmata (2012): In the Honduran barrios crime carries a permanent stigma - gang members are indelibly tattooed with their histories of violence.