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The Environmental Protection Agency outlines the protective measures people can take against ionizing radiation as being time, distance and shielding. Taken together, these three factors determine the severity of exposure to radiation, including gamma ray radiation, and the likelihood of long-term h


The benefits of gamma rays are most clearly seen in the medical field, where they are used to treat cancers and tumors. A technology called the gamma ray knife uses concentrated gamma ray beams to target and destroy cancer cells.


Gamma rays are dangerous because they cause cellular damage that leads to DNA damage, cancer and radiation sickness. Because gamma rays are such a high-intensity, ionizing form of radiation, they pass through normal protections, such as skin, clothing, foil and goggles. Only high-mass shielding, suc


Gamma ray telescopes use special detectors to measure gamma radiation from stars. Unlike conventional telescopes, gamma ray telescopes don’t take pictures or use optics. Instead, they create maps of gamma sources based on where astronomers point them. The data gathered provides a unique view of the


The typical wavelength of a gamma ray is very small, less than 1 x 10 to the negative 11th power, or 0.000000000001 meter. These rays have the shortest wavelength and the highest frequency of all forms of electromagnetic radiation and are the most energetic detected photons as of May 2014.


Depending on the types of exposure, the negative effects of gamma rays vary from skin rashes to cancer. High doses of gamma rays can cause death.


Side effects of the X-rays in Gamma Knife surgery include fatigue, scalp problems and hair loss as well as swelling of the brain or nearby areas, according to Mayo Clinic. Unlike traditional neurosurgery, which triggers anesthesia, bleeding or infection, Gamma Knife surgery is less risky, because it


Gamma rays are used in many different ways; one of the most common uses is inspecting castings and welds for defects that are not visible to the naked eye. Another common use of gamma rays is in the treatment of certain types of cancer.


A light ray is a basic element in geometrical optics. It is a hypothetical construct that, from any point in space, indicates the propagation of light. The concept that light travels in straight lines led to the development of the light ray concept.


One of the most common uses of infrared rays is for wireless communication, such as with garage door openers, car-locking systems and handheld remote controls for televisions and other appliances. Since all objects emit some degree of infrared radiation, night-vision devices make use of their sensit