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A gallbladder flush is a treatment recommended by alternative medicine proponents to rid the body of gallstones. It involves drinking or eating products and following a regimen prescribed by a practitioner of alternative medicine. Its effectiveness to prevent or treat gallstones has not been proven,


The gallbladder is an organ that stores and transports bile produced by the liver. The function of bile is to break down and digest fatty foods in the small intestine. Humans can live without a gallbladder since bile can take other courses to reach the small intestine. Part of the biliary system, th


As of 2015, there is no credible evidence that gallbladder flushes, including those using apple juice, are effective. Everyday Health states that there is no scientific proof that gallbladder flushes can prevent or break up gallstones, or any other disease.


The gallbladder is on the right side of the body, just under the liver. It stores bile produced by the liver until it is needed for fat digestion. Once needed for digestion, the bile moves through the small intestine, deflating the gallbladder until the bile builds up again.


Gallbladder pain is a type of abdominal pain that may feel sharp or crampy, explains Everyday Health. It may begin as a dull ache and build in intensity, and may become severe. The pain may radiate to the back in the area of the right shoulder blade.


The gallbladder's function is to store bile produced by the liver and release the bile into the small intestine during digestion in order to neutralize acids and break down fats. The fat in the digested food enters the small intestine, releasing cholecystokinin and triggering the gallbladder to rele


The gallbladder is found right under the liver on the right side of the human body. It is pear-shaped, and its function is to store the bile that is manufactured by the liver.


Gallbladder pictures are used in the diagnosis of gallbladder conditions wherein other tests cannot provide holistic accurate results. Imaging is used as an advanced test for gallbladder conditions, especially when gallbladder cancer is suspected, according to American Cancer Society.


A gallbladder foods list is a list of foods that contribute to the overall health of the gallbladder. The health of the gallbladder is important even though the organ isn't necessarily vital to the normal healthy functioning of one's body.


A contracted gallbladder is one that is diseased and smaller than normal. The contraction of a gallbladder in such a situation typically is caused by scarring. The contraction or shrinking of a gallbladder prevents it from functioning normally.