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As of 2015, the Aaron's does offer furniture rental. Aaron's offers a variety of merchandise that customers can rent to own.


Due to high monthly payments and an additional 10 percent monthly service charge, leasing to own from Aaron's over 24 months costs about twice as much compared to purchasing outright with cash or a credit card. When negotiating the terms of agreement, lessees can opt fo...


To find the closest Aaron's furniture rental store, navigate to the official Aaron's website, as stated by Aaron's. Click on Store Locator at the top of the home page next to Careers and My Account. Enter your zip code, and click Find. The locator shows the location's a...


Every Aaron's rental furniture comes with a low price guarantee. The guarantee applies to identical merchandise only. The offering local competitor has to be situated within a 25-mile radius of Aaron’s rental store.


ColorTyme rent-to-own furniture prices are competitive with other rent-to-own furniture stores. To rent a regular lamp at both ColorTyme and easyhome, prices begin at approximately $6 per week, as of August 2015.


A mobile home rental is a situation in which one person pays a fee to the owner of a mobile home to live in it for a period of time. Mobile homes often sit stationary, though some are on wheels, allowing the owner to transport the home elsewhere.


A studio flat rental is a rental space suited for single-person living that, unlike a one-bedroom apartment, has an open one-room floor-plan. While a one-bedroom apartment has a separate space for bedroom, kitchen, living-room and bathroom, a studio flat usually has one...