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According to Bankrate, a life lease is a senior housing option where rather than purchasing or leasing an apartment, the tenant purchases the right to occupy a unit and pays a monthly rental or maintenance fee. Bankrate notes that the tenant's agreement allows for the tenant to occupy the property f


Why Not Lease It is a leasing company that works with major retailers such as Sears and Percy's. Customers may lease items with Why Not Lease It instead of purchasing or financing products in some other way.


Commercial kitchens are available for rent at CommercialKitchenForRent.com and NYCommercialKitchen.com. CommercialKitchenForRent.com hosts a large database of commercial kitchen rentals and connects professional chefs with private kitchen owners.


When leasing vehicles, consumers should make a visit to a dealership to browse the selection and test drive potential vehicles, according to Wall Street Journal. After the visit, consumers need to evaluate the various lease offers for total cost and affordability, then return to negotiate and finali


Unlike standard leasing contracts, lease-to-own agreements add the option of outright purchase to leasing agreements, notes Ownership Solutions. Also known as rent-to-own or lease-option agreements, these contracts give lessees the right to purchase the subject of a lease at any point during the lif


The benefits of leasing a car, according to U.S. News & World Report, include affordability, an applicable manufacturer's warranty and convenience. Costs are generally lower, and most lease agreement warranties covers vehicle repairs during the first few years.


A restaurant rent lease is the agreement between the landlord and restaurant owner covering the rental terms for the commercial property. Restaurant owners may choose to lease restaurant space if they don't have enough money upfront to buy, according to About.com.


When leasing a car, benefits include no applicable sales tax, little or no down payment, and the lessee can trade in the car every few years, as detailed by Consumer Reports. Other benefits exist but only apply under specific circumstances.


Leasing a car is a good deal for drivers who trade their vehicle every two to three years, according to Kiplinger.com. However, before signing the lease, it is essential that the driver negotiate the terms to meet his particular driving habits and understands the contract. Consumers who typically co


A lease is a legally binding contract between a lessor and a lessee that gives the lessee right of usage of property legally owned or managed by the lessor for a period at a cost. Lease agreements are governed by the landlord-tenant law.