Create funky distressed furniture by applying two coats of different-colored paints to the furniture and sanding through the top coat to reveal the bottom one. Choose contrasting colors to create a funky look. Select the... More » Home & Garden Furniture

Check a variety of websites, vintage stores and thrift shops to find funky furniture. It is often difficult to find funky furniture in mass market stores because the items there tend to be plain and unoriginal. More » Home & Garden Furniture

You can buy cool, funky furniture from a variety of sources, including online sites, garage sales and vintage stores. It can be difficult to find this type of furniture at popular furniture stores, since their furniture ... More » Home & Garden Furniture
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Resurface wood furniture by removing the old finish, sanding, staining and applying the new finish. There are several chemicals used in the process, so make sure to read the labels and instructions thoroughly and follow ... More » Home & Garden Furniture

Tips for painting veneer furniture include preparing the surface by sanding, applying a primer and painting with the top coat. If the veneer is in poor shape and applied over solid wood, remove the layer, and proceed wit... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

Some techniques for refinishing furniture include stripping, sanding, filling cracks, bleaching, staining and applying different types of finish such as wax and sealant, gel stain, varnish, shellac, resin, lacquer and pa... More » Home & Garden Furniture

Distress furniture by sanding the piece of furniture, adding a base coat of paint, sanding out a distressed look and applying a base coat. The timing on this project varies according to how big the item is. You need a pi... More » Home & Garden Furniture