The fundamental theorem for line integrals states that if a line integral passes through a gradient field, it can be evaluated by evaluating the endpoints of the curve in the initial scalar field. If a smooth curve C exi... More » Math Calculus

A survey of calculus class generally includes teaching the primary computational techniques and concepts of calculus. The exact curriculum in the class ultimately depends on the school someone attends. More » Math Calculus

Learners can take calculus courses online through Massachusetts Institute of Technology, San Francisco State University, University of California in Berkeley or Brigham Young University. These courses range from introduc... More » Math Calculus
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The midpoint theorem is a theory used in coordinate geometry that states that the midpoint of a line segment is the average of its endpoints. Solving an equation using this method requires that both the x and y coordinat... More » Math Geometry

Find the equation for the tangent line to a curve by finding the derivative of the equation for the curve, then using that equation to find the slope of the tangent line at a given point. Finding the equation for the tan... More » Math Calculus

In general, different types of indefinite integrals require different strategies, and not all indefinite integrals can be solved in a step-by-step manner. The most basic method of finding an indefinite integral is to rew... More » Math Calculus

A comparison theorem is a test of whether or not a mathematical object satisfies a set of predetermined properties. In calculus, a comparison can test if an integral is convergent or divergent. It is useful when one is n... More » Math Calculus