Reports offer a way to extract and present a specific subset of the information from a large database. Users who view database reports are spared having to view some extraneous data that is irrelevant to thinking about a... More »

Database analysts are in charge of maintaining data storage and access by assisting in the development and implementation of the Common Database. Their activities may involve interacting with both development and end-use... More » Business & Finance Careers

Examples of database management systems, or DBMS, are MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle and DB2. A DBMS, also called a database manager, is a computer program that allows one or several users to execute database functions ... More » Technology Software

Microsoft InfoPath allows users to create various electronic forms, including surveys, expense reports and time cards, to work in tandem with an existing business database or as a standalone solution. Companies also use ... More » Technology Software

A database is a collection of information called "data." In this context, a DBM, or a database management system, is the software used to organize and retrieve the information stored in the database. More »

A spreadsheet is used to keep track of data and do calculations, while a database is used to store information to be manipulated at a later time. Information might start out stored on a spreadsheet, but as the amount of ... More »

The assessors online database is a land parcel management and tax revenue billing, assessment and collection tool that enables state and municipal assessors, tax authorities and administrators to access property tax and ... More » Technology Software