According to a faculty member at the University of Washington, gyri and sulci arose as a way to pack more brain volume within the finite dimensions of the skull. The larger the surface area of the brain, the more neurons... More »

The wrinkles in the brain increase the brain's surface area. By increasing the surface area of the brain, humans can increase the size of their brains and improve their ability to function at high levels. Humans have evo... More »

The folds in the brain are crevices called sulci and ridges called gyri, and several of them have specific names. Unfolding all the crevices and ridges would leave a human brain approximately the size of a pillowcase, ac... More »

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Indiana University explains that gyri and sulci, which comprise the wrinkled surface of the brain, are an adaptation that allows the brain to have more surface area. This is important because the internal volume of an an... More »

The lateral sulcus is the most prominent and deepest part of the cortical sulci, according to The Free Dictionary. The lateral sulcus extends from an anterior perforated type of substance. More »

The brain is located in the top part of the head called the skull. The skull, which is made up of 28 bones, serves the sole purpose of protecting the brain from injury and trauma. More »

According to Medline Plus, suture joints are also known as cranial sutures and are comprised of bands of fibrous tissue that connect the bones of the skull. Cranial sutures are necessary for brain growth and development. More »