Some fun activities for kids include a family movie night, board games, a potato sack race and limbo. These activities are ideal for younger children and parents as well. More » Family Parenting

Examples of fun, indoor activities for kids include hide and seek, treasure hunts and indoor bowling, according to Today's Parent. Parents can modify these activities to better fit the age of the children, such as playin... More » Hobbies & Games Group Games

Several websites list fun outdoor activities for kids, including Family Education and Kidspot Activity Center. Family Education provides a list of activities for children between six to 10 years old, while Kidspot sorts ... More » Family Parenting
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To make a kid’s height chart, you need a piece of board or wood, preferably a fence post, about six feet long. Sand the wood gently to open up the grains, and then age it using stain or paint. Spread a measuring tape alo... More » Family Parenting

Some fun indoor activities for kids including making homemade play dough and playing DJ. These activities are perfect for inclement weather or just a fun day around the house. More » Family Parenting

Turn children's favorite outdoor activities into safe indoor games to keep them busy on rainy days. Set up a tent in the living room and pretend you're camping all day, or organize a scavenger or treasure hunt throughout... More » Family Parenting

Some fun things for kids to do when they're bored include baking cookies, doing a jigsaw puzzle or drawing murals with sidewalk chalk. Other fun activities for bored kids include creating a scavenger hunt and stringing u... More » Family Parenting