A couple of fun nail art games are "Nail Studio: Polka Dot Design" from and "Eastern Nail Art" from In "Nail Studio: Polka Dot Design," players must buff, file and polish the nails bef... More »

Creative nail designs include rosy pink nails with added pearls and a lighter shade of pink on top; the use of 3-D embellishments such as crystals; nails with heavy decorations such as butterflies, jewels or flowers; and... More »

Some fun toenail art designs include colorful floral designs, spots, stripes, and block colors alternated with a chevron pattern. offers 35 easy toenail art design ideas. More »

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Some electronic nail salon games include "Chloe's Nail Salon" available on and "Pretty Legs Salon" on In "Chloe's Nail Salon," players focus on creating unique nail designs for hands, while ... More »

A couple of fun dirt bike games for kids are "Uphill Rush," "Beach Bike" and "Dare Devil." Players can find these games online at and play them for free. The website offers other dirt bike-themed games as well. More »

Some popular art games include Myst, SimCity 2000, Tetris, Portal and Dwarf Fortress; these games have been added to the Museum of Modern Art collection because of their influence on the gaming industry. The museum wants... More » offers dozens of free horse-themed games for girls, including “Charger Escape" and “Cute Horse Hospital." offers other titles, including “Pony Care 3” and “Horse Grooming Salon.” The games on ... More »