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16 Fascinating Facts About Jell-O. It's International Jell-O Week, people. ... There are some pretty weird alternative uses for Jell-O. It can be sprinkled over cat litter, used as a hair or ...


It's International Jell-O Week and what better way to celebrate than with some fun facts about this classic American dessert. We have to admit that there's just something about Jell-O that Americans just can't get enough of. Perhaps it's the jiggle, its versatility or colorful creations like a ...


Facts about Jell-O 6: The weird advantages of Jell-O. As we know that Jell-O can be used for anything. However, it also can be used as finger paint, wrestling, a hair or clothing dye, cat litter, and ridding bathrooms. Finger paint using Jell-O Facts about Jell-O 7: Orator Frank Woodward. Pearl and May Wait was a couple who hold the patent of ...


Here are a few fun filled Jello facts straight from Jello: The first JELL-O® flavors were: strawberry, raspberry, orange and lemon. During the early quarter of the 20th century, immigrants entering Ellis Island in New York City were served JELL-O® gelatin as a “Welcome to America”.


Weird Facts about Jell-O® Mary Wait, the inventor’s wife, came up with a name for the fruit-flavored gelatin by combining the word jelly with -O , a popular suffix added to the end of a slew of food products at the time.


It's a testament to American ingenuity that Jell-O can also be used to make finger paint, dye your hair, clean the dishwasher, scrub the shower, and deodorize cat litter. Here are some amazing but true facts about Jell-O that will amuse your friends and family: Every day, an average of 758,012 boxes of Jell-O are purchased in the U.S.


5 Fun Facts about Mormons and Jell-O. Aleah Ingram June 29, 2016 Home ... We’ve got the answers plus a few more fun facts you might not have known. The Jell-O connection isn’t as old as you ...


The Jell-O Museum is a fun, quick stop if you ever find yourself traveling I-90 between Buffalo and Rochester. After living in Rochester for more than 10 years, and it being one of those “we should do that some day” kinds of things, we finally made the trip out there a couple years ago.


History Of Jell-O. Contents. History Of Jell-O; Jello Nutrition Facts; ... Interesting Jello nutrition facts include the fact that it contains no cholesterol, meaning the calorie count is very low – around 10 calories per 92g serving of low-fat Jello and twice that for the normal Jello. However, while Jello is especially low in bad things ...


Jell-O is “America’s Most Popular Dessert”—just as a 1904 ad campaign paid for by Jell-O told us. Let’s delve into some of the history and mystery behind the wobbly treat.