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This database is offered by the Fulton County Sheriff's Office as a service to the public and members of the Fulton County justice system. It is updated once per day and, as such, no warranty is expressed or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of any information obtained through the use of this service.


The Fulton County Sheriff’s office is the oldest law enforcement office known within the common law system and it has always been accorded great dignity and high trust. The address and phone numbers to Fulton County Jail are as follows: 901 Rice St NW Atlanta, GA 30318 404-613-2000 404-613-2002. website


Fulton County Sheriff. Inmate Search Fulton in County Jail . Fulton County Jail maintains an online inmate roster list where you will see the list of all prisoners. The jail administration updates this list once a month. Inmate Roster List. Another way to locate an inmate fast is to call at 404-613-2000 and make a direct inquiry to the jail staff.


A problem that plagued Fulton County’s jail system for years is back: too many inmates. For more than a decade, Fulton County’s main Rice Street jail was under federal court oversight due to ...


Fulton County Jail Inmate Mail Procedures. The Fulton County Jail has revised the Inmate Mail Procedures. The procedures are as follows: Inmates may only receive pre-stamped or metered postcards from the United States Post Office. This change is being implemented to ensure the safety and security of the jail facilities, inmates and staff.


How Does An Inmate Make A Phone Call From Fulton County Jail? Direct Calls. This jail contracts with Access Corrections.com for inmate calls. Access Corrections is a private company that processes money-email-photo email for inmates in state prison systems and county jails across the country.


About the Fulton County Jail The Fulton County Jail, located in the city of Atlanta, in Fulton County, Georgia is a medium to maximum-security facility. Every year this facility has 50000 Bookings, with a daily average of 2500 Inmates and a staff of 625 .


In 2006, the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta was put under a court order to improve security and safety for both inmates and officers. The facility had experienced a high rate of attacks, both inmate-on-inmate and inmate-on-officer, because inmates were easily defeating the old locks.


Fulton County Districts. Fulton County is in the north-central portion of Georgia. As of 2017 estimates, the population was 1,041,423, making it the state's most populous county and its only one with over one million inhabitants. Learn More


Recently convicted felons are sometimes held at Fulton County County Jail until transport to a Ohio State Prison is available. Inmates sentenced to less than one year incarceration or those convicted to serve time for misdemeanors will do their time in the Fulton County County Jail system.