Fuel filter replacements can be ordered at auto parts stores such as Advance Auto Parts. They can also be found at Auto Parts Warehouse.

Signs that a Ford may need a fuel filter replacement include engine lag, stalling or hesitation. Clogged fuel filters are common and many people can perform a fuel filter change themselves.

Failure to start, frequent stalls and decreased power output are all common signs of a dirty fuel filter. Yamaha engines typically require fuel filter replacement at set intervals; owner's manuals provide information spe...


Auto parts stores such as Advance Auto Parts, O'Reilly Auto and AutoZone sell fuel line repair kits in stores and online. and eBay also sell repair kits for steel and nylon fuel lines.

O'Reilly Auto Parts stores carry automobile parts such as fuel pumps, car batteries and spark plugs. Other products the store carries include cleaning products and car accessories.

As of 2015, the National Automotive Parts Association, or NAPA, and Advance Auto Parts sell auto parts. Both retailers sell a variety of parts from several brands.

Several auto parts retailers, including Auto Zone and Advance Auto Parts, provide online parts finders to help users determine which type of fuel pump is right for their car. Users can find a list of compatible fuel pump...