According to the Healthy Living AZ Central website, dropping a pant size involves a combination of exercise, diet, and lifestyle adjustments. The site points out that dropping a pant size is equivalent to losing 10 pound... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Use a combination of exercise, natural supplements and smart lifestyle changes to combat belly fat. Although spot-reducing fat is difficult, losing weight all over ultimately leads to the loss of belly fat as well. More » Health Fitness & Exercise

There is no simple way to grow taller in just a week but with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, it is possible to grow taller. Growth hormones in the body can be stimulated to gain additional height in time, as noted... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

The 21-Day Fitness Challenge calls for the consistent and repeated performance of seven actions in the areas of diet, exercise and lifestyle. The purpose of the challenge is to help teach healthy, lifelong habits. More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Wider hips can be obtained through a combination of exercise and a high protein diet or by undergoing plastic surgery to deposit fat or silicone implants into the hip area. More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Although there's no universal solution for weight loss, a combination of diet, exercise and diligence should help a person successfully lose ten pounds or more. It's important for an individual to also be willing to try ... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

According to TutZone, teenage girls can lose belly fat through a combination of specialized diet and exercise. They should not attempt drastically fast weight loss because doing so may lead to other health issues. More »