To make frosting without butter, combine 1 cup Earth Balance Whipped Buttery Spread, 2 pounds powdered sugar, 1/2 cup vanilla coconut milk and 1 tablespoon vanilla extract. This recipe takes five minutes and yields enoug... More »

An easy recipe for peanut butter frosting on calls for the cook to combine 1 cup of pre-made vanilla frosting with 1/3 cup of peanut butter and 2 to 3 teaspoons of milk. Easy peanut butter frosting recip... More » Food Cooking Desserts

Wilton's recipe for a pure white buttercream icing is made from vegetable shortening, butter, milk and confectioner's sugar. Clear vanilla extract, which is sold by Wilton, adds flavor without the yellow or brown tint of... More » Food Cooking Desserts

Easy caramel frosting involves melting 1/2 cup butter in a saucepan, adding 1 cup brown sugar, cooking for two minutes, adding 1/4 cup milk, bringing to a boil and cooling, before beating in 2 cups powdered sugar and 1 t... More » Food Cooking Desserts

To make lemon frosting, combine 1/2 cup butter, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract and 2 cups confectioners' sugar in a mixing bowl. Beat the mixture with a mixer until light and fluffy. Add addition... More » Food Cooking Desserts

To make raspberry bars, cook 3 cups of raspberries, 1/2 cup of sugar, 1 tablespoon of butter and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch in a saucepan at medium heat until the mixture thickens, and beat together 1 3/4 cups of butter... More » Food Cooking Desserts

A good recipe for brown sugar frosting from King Arthur Flour mixes brown sugar with butter, milk, vanilla extract and confectioners' sugar. Another well-regarded recipe for brown sugar frosting is available from Epicuri... More » Food Cooking Desserts