The function of the brain’s frontal lobe includes movement, decision making, problem solving, planning, impulse control, memory and high order functions. The brain’s frontal lobe is one of the four main lobes of the cere... More »

The frontal lobe controls emotions, problem solving skills, memory, language, social behavior, sexual behavior and overall judgement. It is the main portion of the brain that allows an individual to communicate and have ... More » Science Human Anatomy Nerves

The left side of the brain controls movement related to language, whereas the right side is responsible for nonverbal tasks. Collectively, the frontal lobes are the part of the brain that is home to our emotional regulat... More »

The brain is the most important organ of the human body, responsible for regulating involuntary bodily functions, muscle movement, consciousness, memory and thought. It uses the most energy of any organ, and the body cou... More »

On the right and the left side of the brain, the parietal lobe processes sensory information, and on the left side it assists with planning movements, language, writing and arithmetic. It plays a particularly strong role... More » Science Human Anatomy Organs

The part of the brain that controls consciousness is the frontal lobe. Other activities controlled by the frontal lobe include problem solving, decision making, emotions and control of purposeful behaviors. More »

The cerebellum, Latin for "little brain," is the part of the brain that is partly responsible for the movement, coordination and balance of the body. The cerebellum sits at the back of the skull, below the two cerebral h... More »