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The inner core is believed to be composed of an iron–nickel alloy with some other elements. The temperature at the inner core's surface is estimated to be approximately 5,700 K (5,430 °C) or 9806 °F, which is about the temperature at the surface of the Sun.


Earth's inner core is made mostly of iron and nickel, but 5 percent of it has been a mystery for a long time. This new study concludes that it's most likel


Beneath the mantle, you'll find the core. Earth's core is the deepest, hottest layer, and it's made up of two layers itself: the outer core which borders the mantle and the inner core, which is a ball-shaped layer made almost entirely of metal.


What Is Earth Made Of? ... The solid, inner core of iron has a radius of about 760 miles (about 1,220 km), according to NASA. It is surrounded by a liquid, outer core composed of a nickel-iron ...


Earth's innermost section is called its inner core, and is believed to be just as hot as the sun's surface. It was once believed that the earth's inner core was liquid, but Inge Lehmann - a seismologist - proved in theory in 1936 that the inner core was solid, and the outer core was liquid. The inner core is believed to be made up of an iron-nickel (metal) alloy.


The Earth's inner core is made of solid iron and nickel, like the outer core, though the outer core has MOLTEN iron and nickel for its contents.


Because the densest materials will be forced by gravity and their lack of buoyancy towards the center of the Earth, the inner core would is made up of iron, nickel, uranium, gold, platinum, tungsten, iridium, osmium, rhenium, etc….plenty of the densest and heaviest elements that naturally occur.


Recently, researchers have discovered that the inner core also contains an inner inner core. It is believed to be between 250 to 400 kilometers in diameter. The outer core of the Earth is a liquid layer of iron and nickel 2,890 kilometers (1,400 miles) beneath the surface of the Earth. It stretches to about 2,300 kilometers (1,400 miles).


The inner core is made up of both iron and nickel. The most current science suggests the inner core is nearly pure iron, hot enough to be molten, but because of high pressure it is forced into a ...


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