Frogs typically live in forested and wetland areas and are found on every continent except for Antarctica. They live in ponds, within ground cover, in trees and sometimes in grasslands as well as deserts. More » Pets & Animals Amphibians Frogs

All frogs begin their lives as tadpoles that breathe underwater using their skin and gills. As the frog grows, lungs begin to develop and the frog loses its gills at it begins to metamorphose. More » Pets & Animals Amphibians Frogs

Frogs are not mammals; they are amphibians. Frogs are cold-blooded creatures that adapt easily to different environments. The creatures reportedly account for over 85 percent of all amphibians in the world. More » Pets & Animals Amphibians Frogs
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Frogs live on every continent except Antarctica. Frogs are typically found in warm climates because they are cold-blooded amphibians, although there are six species of frogs that live in climates with freezing temperatur... More » Pets & Animals Amphibians Frogs

To care for a White's tree frog, provide him with a clean habitat, clean water and the right amount of suitable food. You need a terrarium, heat lamp, water dish, spray bottle and appropriate food to care for the frog. More » Pets & Animals Amphibians Frogs

Pithed frogs have undergone the pithing procedure, which involves a needle inserted through the foramen magnum into the cranial cavity. Pithing mechanically causes disruptions within the frog's brain, and it is an approv... More » Pets & Animals Amphibians Frogs

As your tadpole undergoes metamorphosis into an adult frog, it is very important to provide simple access from the water to land. Since gills stop functioning with the onset of lungs, developing animals may drown if they... More » Pets & Animals Amphibians Frogs