and are two websites that stock frog images. They both offer real and animated images. also stocks thousands of funny frog pictures. More » Technology Internet & Networking allows users to download stock images of frogs for free. Kidzone also has a selection of free frog images that can be saved from the page. More » Pets & Animals Amphibians Frogs

To find images of cartoon-style frogs, visit various stock photo websites, such as, and, and search for frog images. All of these websites require users to pay for photos, either ... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

Stock images for web design can be found for free or purchased from websites like Shutterstock. The purpose of a stock image is to provide a base image that can be used for commercial use, such as in a logo or on a websi... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Websites that offer royalty-free stock images of planet Earth include Shutterstock, Gimp-Savvy and CanStockPhoto. These images can be downloaded and used without paying regular royalties as long as the user adheres to th... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Free star images are available online from Hubble Site, Dreamstime and Shutterstock, as of 2015. An additional online resource for free star images is More » Technology Internet & Networking

The Shutterstock website provides stock images of wood carvings and artists carving wood. The Chris Pye website contains a gallery of hand-carved wood images. has a gallery of wood carvings from around the wo... More » Art & Literature Fine Art