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Replace Frigidaire water filters approximately every six months or after dispensing 200 gallons of water, or more frequently if the incoming tap water is considered hard water. Failure to replace the filter can cause the ice maker and the water dispenser to shut down completely.


Frigidaire products are made in the United States and Mexico by a company called Electrolux. Frigidaire is a brand name that is used for several products, such as refrigerators, ovens, ranges, dishwashers and freezers.


Frigidaire parts are available on the websites for Repair Clinic, Part Select and Sears Part Direct, among others. As of 2015, all these sites provide shoppers with access to lists of various replacement parts for Frigidaire appliances accompanied by their prices.


Frigidaire is owned by Swedish manufacturer Electrolux, and it produces appliances for both brand names. The company began in 1919 and was owned by General Motors until being sold in 1979 to White Sewing Machine Company, which was later bought by Electrolux.


Frigidaire electric ranges are not considered among the best electric range brands in their price range, according to appliance review website Consumer Reports. Frigidaire ranges also have a relatively mediocre reliability rating, as reported by appliance statistics website ApplianceAssistant.


Frigidaire products are manufactured at various factories and plants around the United States and Mexico. As of 2015, the brand's newest factory is located in Memphis, Tennessee, and has a main production focus on stoves and ovens.


Frigidaire manufactures its own line of appliances, except for its HVAC products, which are manufactured by Nordyne, and its garbage disposals and hot water dispensers, which are manufactured by In-Sink-Erator, according to Appliance411. Frigidaire has been owned by Electrolux since 1986.


As of 2015, Frigidaire stoves are produced at a location in Memphis, Tennessee, after the company moved its production facilities to the city from L'Assumption, Quebec, in 2013. The Tennessee location produces gas and induction cooktops for Electrolux under the Frigidaire brand name.


Frigidaire appliances are manufactured in the United States and Mexico. Frigidaire, originally named Guardian Frigerator Company, was formerly based in Fort Wayne, Ind. The Guardian Frigerator Company produced the first electric refrigerator and remained in business for 2 years before changing its n


Frigidaire appliances are manufactured by its parent company, Electrolux, at factories located in the United States and Mexico. Since 1996, Electrolux's U.S. manufacturing facilities are ISO9000 certified.