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Frigidaire refrigerator manuals have a troubleshooting section, but they don't include repair instructions. As of February 2015, customers who don't find the solution they need in the troubleshooting section of the manual can contact Frigidaire at (800) 374-4432 for additional troubleshooting help.


Frigidaire is owned by Swedish manufacturer Electrolux, and it produces appliances for both brand names. The company began in 1919 and was owned by General Motors until being sold in 1979 to White Sewing Machine Company, which was later bought by Electrolux.


Frigidaire refrigerators are available for purchase at a variety of department and home improvement stores, including the Home Depot, Lowe's and Best Buy. The Frigidaire website offers a "Where to Buy" tool that lets users input a ZIP code to find local retailers who carry the company's appliances.


Frigidaire refrigerator parts can be purchased at a local parts distributor or an online appliance replacement parts store such as Sears Parts Direct or PartSelect. Accessories such as filters, minor repairs kits and ice cube trays are available at Frigidaire's website.


To repair a Frigidaire refrigerator door seal, or gasket, clean off any dirt or mold, heat the part that is misshapen, and pull on the warm gasket to re-shape it. If these steps do not repair the gasket, replace it.


The Frigidaire customer service number for home refrigerators is 1-800-374-4432. The customer service office hours are Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. Customers can also visit the company website at Frigidaire.com, click the Email Us link and fill out the inquiry form.


Frigidaire top-freezer refrigerator units that range in size from 15- to 18-cubic-feet are made in Anderson, South Carolina. Frigidaire freezers are made in St. Cloud, Minnesota. All other Frigidaire refrigerators are built in Juarez, Mexico.


Frigidaire service center locations can be found on the main Frigidaire website. The page's support section lists options for finding a service center location or the applicable phone number if the product is under warranty.


Lowe's and Home Depot allow customers to enter detailed product reviews on their websites. As of March 2015, both sites offer hundreds of reviews for Frigidaire refrigerators. Reviewed.com also has a large refrigerator reviews section that includes expert reviews for numerous Frigidaire refrigerator


A Frigidaire range can be repaired at home by its owner, if the nature of the problem is within his knowledge and abilities and is not too dangerous. To discern whether the problem is fixable by the consumer depends on a few troubleshooting steps.