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Frick and Frack were two Swiss skaters who came to the United States in 1937 and joined the original Ice Follies show as comedy ice skaters. "Frick" was Werner Groebli (April 21, 1915 – April 14, 2008), born in Basel. "Frack" was Hansruedi (Hans Rudolf) Mauch, (May 2, 1919 – June 4, 1979), also born in Basel.

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Frick and Frack is for any two people who are closely linked in some way, especially through a work partnership or strong friendship. The origin is from a famous partnership of Swiss comedy ice skaters, Werner Groebli and Hans Mauch, whose stage names were Frick and Frack.


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The original "Frick and Frack" were two Swiss ice skaters who came to the U.S. in 1937. They performed comedy routines on the ice, which involved lots of pratfalls and related silliness.


Frick and Frack was a Swiss comedy ice skating duo who appeared in the original Ice Follies, starring in the late 1930s show as comedy ice skaters. Dressed in identical alpine lederhosen, they astonished audiences with extraordinary feats of athleticism.


Frick and Frack were two Swiss skaters who came to the U.S. and joined the original Ice Follies show as comedy ice skaters. Frick" was Werner Groebli, born April 21, 1915, in Basel, Switzerland.


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