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FRG Newsletter Editor or Rear Commander for final proofing. • Will understand the difference in article submission for printed (mail-out) newsletters, web newsletters, and unit webpage ...

sill-www.army.mil/428thfa/frg/ideas/Newsletter Binder.pdf

What to Include in FRG Newsletters: . Birthdays of family members and soldiers. This info can be provided by the unit training room. • Anniversaries and new baby announcements.


get the newsletter, please send us their email. Membership is automatic and participation is voluntary. Your FRG Leads, Dawn Lockwood Susy Nowak The first publication of the HHC 42d CAB newsletter was a success. The soldier profile section is a great way for families and friends to learn what individuals do within the CAB.


Guides regarding registering to the Army FRG site for Service Members and Family Members. FRG Administrator Newsletters (12) FRG Administrator Newsletters Total Army Strong (3) Documents related to Total Army Strong FRG Leaders (5) FRG Leaders FRG Funds and Fundraising, Kids & Teens, Coping with Casualties... Webinar Documentation (4)


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The Army FRG website provides Commanders and FRG Leaders with a secure way to communicate information to their Unit’s Soldiers and their Family Members 24/7 from anywhere in the world. By establishing a Unit vFRG site, Commanders and FRG Leaders can provide information, photos/videos, downloadable files, and more to the Soldiers of the Unit ...


The Family Readiness Group (FRG) page exists to keep communication flowing between members of the FRG Welcome to the FAMILY READINESS GROUP of the 410th Civil Affairs Battalion, Official Fan page on Facebook, where you will find the most recent news stories, videos and photos pertaining to the FRG, Soldiers and Ft. Bliss community.


ski, wife of WOC Joshua Rowinski. Jennifer is also kindly taken over the FRG newsletter. The co-treasurer is Diane Ricci, wife of LTC Albert Ricci. Also Colleen Rubeor, the mother of PFC George Wade, has graciously volunteered to assist with our Facebook page for the FRG. Each of these wonderful women brings something different to your FRG.

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FRG in the New Era Training March 20-22 San Diego, CA Chain of Command Training June 22-25 ... MIRC Family Programs Newsletter 5 Confidential help for Veterans and their families The Veterans Crisis Line is a toll-free, confidential resource that connects Veterans in crisis and their families and friends with qualified, caring U.S. De-


The titles below are links. Please click on the title to access the document. [Note: This material remains the same as Edition 1, Revised 2006, with the exception of the revised AR-600-8-1, Army Casualty Program (28 Feb 2007).]