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Substituting Dried Parsley Flakes for Fresh Parsley in Recipes. Can you use dried parsley flakes as a substitute for fresh parsley? Most chefs and culinary experts agree that it is best not to substitute dried parsley for fresh parsley as the flavor of this common kitchen herb changes quite significantly when it is dried.


Parsley is best known as a garnish that can make even the simplest dishes look attractive and fancy. Perhaps less known is the fact that it is actually a versatile herb with a distinctive flavor and a range of uses. Like most herbs, parsley is available in both dried and fresh forms and there are pros and cons associated with each.


Both fresh and dried parsley contain small amounts of many more vitamins and minerals. A 1-tablespoon serving of fresh parsley has 5 mg of calcium, and the same serving of dried has 18 mg. Calcium is important for bones and teeth. Fresh parsley also contains 21 mg of potassium, 6 mcg of folate and 62.3 mg of vitamin K in just 1 tablespoon.


Dried rosemary is one of those herbs that does not do very well dried. Fresh vs dried makes a huge difference. Also, depending on the recipe, if you're using dried rosemary, don't leave it in the ...


It takes approximately one portion of dried parsley to equal three portions of fresh chopped parsley, whether the measurement is teaspoons, tablespoons or cups. For example, 1 teaspoon of dried parsley flakes equals 1 tablespoon of fresh parsley. This ratio applies to all herbs, including oregano, thyme, rosemary and basil.


Fresh parsley may also be used in place of dried parsley if the recipe is in need of dried parsley, just use half of the intended amount. Fresh parsley is also used for adding an attractive look to dishes but is most often cast aside by diners once the dish is ready to be eaten.


Fresh parsley adds a pop of vibrancy, color and flavor to many different dishes. When your parsley plant has stopped producing its leaves, or when you simply don't have any fresh herbs on hand, consider replacing fresh parsley with dried.


Fresh parsley is one of the most widely available fresh herbs. It's usually sold in the produce section and is much more desirable than dried parsley. ... Fresh vs dried makes a huge difference ...


Far from it, in fact. Take fresh parsley as an example. The USDA National Nutrient Database has entries for both versions and reports the water percentage for each . Fresh parsley = 87.71% water (12.29% active ingredients) Dried parsley = 5.89% water (94.11% active ingredients) That means the dried is nearly 700% more concentrated.


Like everything in life, there are always exceptions to my general rules above. For example, you would substitute 1 fresh bay leaf for 2 dried or 1 medium onion for 1 teaspoon onion powder. Both basil and parsley surprised me with a 2 to 1 fresh to dried.