The most basic French words required for any visit are those of greeting and goodbye: "Bonjour" and "Au revoir". Informal alternatives may also be used, depending on the person who is being spoken to. More » Education

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Tutorials, exercises and audio resources for both new and experienced French speakers are available online through, The French Tutorial, and Duolingo. Using some or all of these regularly can he... More » Art & Literature Literature

A great venue for listening to French words in context is through one of the many French radio stations streaming live via the Internet. Other good sources include online French television channels, YouTube-posted gramma... More » Education

Some of the most common French words and phrases are "oui," "non," "s'il vous plaît," "à cause de," and "au contraire." In English, these words and phrases mean "yes," "no," "because of," "please," and "on the contrary,"... More » Education

Sites that allow users to hear French words pronounced correctly for free include,, and and provide translation from English, w... More » Education

Some common seven-letter words in the English language include anymore, correct, earlier, goodbye and imagine. Common seven-letter words that are foods are avocado, burrito, cupcake, granola and popcorn, while common sev... More » Education