articles, and each offer online French classes. Each combines audio, visual and interactive sources, including live instruction and community discussion with native speakers. To enroll for classe... More » Education

Two of the best websites to learn French online are BBC Languages and The French language programs on these sites are free and do not require registration. More » Education Homework Help Study Skills

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"Television en direct" means live television. "En direct" in general means live when referring to television or radio. For example, if a television program is "en direct" from Paris, it is a program broadcast live from P... More » Education

People can learn to speak French through traditional classes, video and audio recordings or online through sites such as Rosetta Stone, Babel and JeFrench. These sites provide lessons for beginners and advanced French sp... More » Education

One rule for pronouncing words in French is that when the letter "e" appears at the end of the word, it is silent. However, the exception to this rule is when the "e" follows an "l," "r" or "n." In this case it is pronou... More » Education