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This is just a simple, cool, calm, and collected dance move that will get everybody dancing with you. You can put your own spin on it, too. We can go one drop, two drop, three drop, four drop.


The following freestyle dance moves will teach you how to freestyle dance to any popular song or beat. Free style dancing is very interpretative. However, it is a good idea to learn some fundamental steps to start with before you can really personalize it and add your styling to it.


Refer to well-known moves in your freestyle. One easy way to mix a dance concept into your own freestyle is to use one that is popular or well-known and add it to your original moves and make them your own. Additionally, people watching you dance may recognize the concept you’re using and will appreciate your play on it.


Freestyle dance, or dance improvisation, is the when you spontaneously make movement with your body. This means you’re not following choreography; just moving.. Since freestyle dancing is about your own original voice, there is no wrong way to do it. However, there are tips and tricks you can use in order to become more comfortable with freestyle dancing.


Everyone should dance in freestyle once in a while! In the following videos, we will teach you freestyle dance moves, how to dance it with any song or popular beat. 1# Freestyle dance move: dancing at a party


The vocabulary of moves from any of these styles give a blueprint for freestyle dance. Yes, freestyle allows you to embrace your own style, sure, but it helps to start on solid ..foundation 😉 Watch videos and take classes to see which styles you feel most drawn to and just focus on ONE or two of those.


Do Freestyle Dance Moves. How To : Improve your freestyle moves when dancing. ... This is a club dance freestyle demo video that is meant to be casual and fun. This video was shot in a studio but in a real club, they vibe a lot better. Have fun emulating these dance moves.


After I learned how to salsa dance, I used those moves in my freestyle dance workouts. I think the best workout is one that is unlimited by planned moves, but that also includes moves proven to help you burn calories. Salsa is great for this because it involves broad steps that occur at a rate that can promote weight loss.


Freestyle is a way of dancing in which the dancer improvises his/her moves on the spot, as he dances, instead of having them planned beforehand (ie choreography). In its most extreme form it is the very opposite of choreography, however it can be argued that such an extreme level can never be...