Freestyle swimming is a type of competitive swimming. The rules allow swimmers to use any swimming style that they prefer with only a few restrictions. More »

To swim freestyle, extend one arm at a time, and pull down against your body while kicking. Every few strokes, move your head out of the water to breathe, and turn your face away from the arm that is pulling. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Water Sports & Activities Swimming

FreeStyle glucometers use a small sample size, perform tests in less than five seconds and allow users to set alarms, according to FreeStyle. Freestyle glucometers can save over 400 events in the device's memory. More » Health Diagnostics & Imaging

Artwork from the Cave of Swimmers in southwest Egypt shows that Ancient Egyptians were swimming as far back as 10,000 years ago, but the modern sport of competitive swimming began in Great Britain in 1837. At that time, ... More »

To find a local public swimming pool, use pool locators like the ones found at iSport Swimming and Swimmers Guide. Both of these websites are free to use and require nothing more than a location. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Water Sports & Activities Swimming

The stuff that forms on the water line of a swimming pool could be calcium deposits, algae buildup or residue from contaminants such as sunscreens and lotions. Calcium scale appears as a white, rough or chalky substance.... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Water Sports & Activities Swimming

Although it is not known exactly where swimming originated, it has been around since the Stone Age, as the activity was depicted on cave dwellings of the era. Swimming is also mentioned in works related to Greek mytholog... More »