Practical Pages offers free cursive handwriting charts along with home school tips and projects. Student Handouts provides printable worksheets in PDF format, and How To Write in Cursive includes instructions and helpful... More » Education Writing

The websites,, and provide free handwriting practice worksheets. offers customizable worksheets for printing... More » Education K-12

Three websites that offer cursive handwriting worksheets include K12Reader, K5 Learning and Tlsbooks, and the worksheets on these websites are free for both teachers and parents to use. K12 Reader offers worksheets for e... More » Education K-12
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Some good tips for improving handwriting include holding the pen correctly, slowing down and using the shoulder more. However, the most effective methods depend largely on an individual's writing habits. More » Education Writing

Writing on sand paper, pressing paint in a plastic bag, spreading shaving cream and practicing with flashlights are some great ideas for teaching handwriting. These things make the handwriting lessons more enjoyable for ... More » Education Writing

Ways to improve handwriting include practicing proper letter formations, holding the pencil correctly, using good posture and focusing on problem areas. Copying neat handwriting also helps with improved letter formation. More » Education Writing

It is generally believed that doctors have such bad handwriting because they are often in such a hurry, both physically and mentally. This is not to say that all doctors have unreadable handwriting. However, multiple stu... More » Education Writing