Firefly Books publishes "Waterfowl of Eastern North America," which is an illustrated guide to ducks and other waterfowl to the west of the Continental Divide. Popular generic field guides, like the "Peterson Field Guide... More » Pets & Animals Birds Waterfowl

To identify almost any bug found in North America, search the online charts, descriptions, photos and other resources at Insect Identification. The site's database allows users to search for a specific bug by entering in... More » Pets & Animals Bugs

Georgia issues DNR hunting licenses because its Wildlife Resources Division manages the state's conservation and promotion of game animals. Georgia's Game Management Section oversees all Wildlife Management Areas in the ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Outdoor Adventure
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Pekin ducks can be fed commercial waterfowl feed or can be fed commercial chicken layer feed supplemented with niacin and leafy green vegetables. Alternatively, ducks can be allowed to forage for insects, snails, frogs a... More » Pets & Animals Birds Waterfowl

The mallard, wood duck, green-winged teal, northern shoveler and black-bellied whistling duck are some of the over 25 species of ducks living in North America. Ducks belong to different categories based on shared feature... More » Pets & Animals Birds Waterfowl

Wood ducks, which are also known as Carolina ducks, are a highly colorful and ornate species of duck that live in wooded swamps, where they can nest in tree holes. These are one of the few duck species that have claws on... More » Pets & Animals Birds Waterfowl

Waterfowl is available for purchase at and is the website of a Minnesota-based farm and hatchery that hatches thousands of birds each year. It features day-old waterfowl for sale,... More » Pets & Animals Birds Waterfowl