and are places to find free African voodoo spells. Free spells are available for a wide variety of uses including health, wealth, love, sex and money. Spells are also provided to ... More » World View Religion

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One easy Wiccan spell is the wish spell, which requires a new candle, a pen and a piece of paper. To perform the spell, visualize your wish before starting, write the wish down on paper and place it beneath the candle, a... More » World View Religion

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According to Voodoo Museum, it is necessary to name a Voodoo doll and personalize it before using it in a spell. After naming and personalizing the doll, practitioners may add herbs or other materials to the doll. Stick ... More »

The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is a Christian-faith church with member churches across the country and around the world, as of 2015. The Church's theological beliefs are similar to other Methodist churches. ... More » World View Religion, and are some good sources for free theocratic downloads. These sites have different types and sizes of free theocratic files that users can select and download. More » World View Religion