Sites such as,, and offer free online hair makeover tools that allow a user to upload a picture of herself and superimpose different hairstyles over her own. Smartphone apps... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

As of October 2015, several free websites and apps, including Marie Claire, InStyle and YouCam Makeup, offer the ability to try new hairstyles virtually. Viewing edited photographs of themselves with various hairstyles a... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

There are several websites that allow people to upload a photo of yourself and "try on" different hairstyles and hair colors. These sites are called virtual makeover sites and are often free of charge. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair
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Some ways to make hair grow faster are to treat your hair with an egg mask or massage your scalp with warm oil. Reducing your stress levels may also help encourage faster hair growth by altering your hormone levels. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Grow long, healthy hair by trimming your hair regularly and using high-quality products. Choose shampoos and conditioners that contain avocado oil or shea butter to reduce brittle hair and breakage. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Thermally styling hair with a flat iron or curling iron does not ruin a perm because perms permanently alter the shape of the hair and thermal styling only temporarily alters it. However, the repeated tension and heat in... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

To sell your hair, grow it out to a healthy, chemically untreated 10 inches or longer. List it online through a specialized website. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair