Car owners and buyers can obtain free vehicle history reports from Kelley Blue Book, VIN Free Check, and the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. These reports provide consumers with important history informa... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

CARFAX offers free vehicle history reports for automobiles listed for sale by dealerships associated with Carfax. Individuals seeking vehicle history reports for other cars pay $39.99 per report, $49.99 for five reports ... More » Vehicles Buying & Selling

Get a free Carfax Vehicle History Report by shopping for cars at and signing up for a free myCARFAX account. Buyers may also get a report directly from the dealership or seller. More » Vehicles DMV & Records
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The best way to check a vehicle identification number (VIN) is to access the VIN located inside the driver's side windshield and then visit the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System website. Click on "Purchase ... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

To check a car's vehicle identification number or VIN, enter the 17-digit letters and numbers into a VIN identification website, such as Edmunds, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the National Motor V... More » Vehicles DMV & Records

In order to check a vehicle's VIN online, it is necessary to purchase an official National Motor Vehicle Title Information System Vehicle History Report from one of the companies listed on the NMVTIS website, according t... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Many car dealerships specializing in certified pre-owned vehicles offer free vehicle history reports on the cars and trucks they sell. Some websites may also generate a partial vehicle history report for free, but it is ... More » Vehicles DMV & Records