Used farm equipment can be found at, and local classified ads. Tractor dealerships sometimes have a limited selection of farm equipment for sale. More »

Fastline is a print and web publication that contains listings for used farm equipment. Listings can be created by both dealers and individuals seeking to sell a variety of farm equipment. The company also offers marketi... More »

Buckets, milk containers, automatic milking machines, pasteurizers and parlor equipment are some of the equipment used on a dairy farm. The specific type of equipment required depends on the size of the dairy operation, ... More »

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Messick's offers new and used farm equipment that can be bought or rented. New farm equipment sold by Messick’s includes tractors, planting and seeding equipment, hay and forage equipment and balers. The store also stock... More »

TractorHouse offers a website and print publications that allow users to list farm equipment for sale, post ads for equipment they wish to purchase or rent, and search for parts and equipments, as of 2015. The company al... More »

Some things to examine when buying cheap farm equipment include checking the fluids, inspecting belts and hoses, looking over the body of the equipment and seeing what accessories come with or are available for a particu... More »

Tractors and other farm equipment, such as combines or sprayers, can be listed on an insurance policy individually, with a designated value assigned to each piece of equipment, explains Nationwide Insurance. They can als... More »