Get free computer lessons for beginners by visiting, and These sites offer tutorials for learning basic online skills such as computer basics, Internet 101, using email, typing and ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

A beginner typing lesson starts with learning where the keys are in relationship to finger placement and how to hit them in a rhythmic pattern. Teachers stress repetition, first with letters and then with short or common... More » Education Standardized Tests

Free keyboard typing lessons are available on and, as of June 2015. Each website has multiple lessons that you can complete at your own pace, with each lesson teaching different keys. More » Education
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Beginners can find useful iPhone tutorials in the iPhone Support section on and the iPhone Basics section on These websites divide the instructions and information into separate categories, st... More » Technology Mobile

Some basic computer terms that beginners should know include URL, IP address, driver, malware and firewall. The terms URL, malware, and IP address are used in the context of the Internet in general, while the other terms... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

A CLI, or command-line interface, is a way to interact with a computer by typing text commands into a terminal window. A GUI, or graphical user interface, allows a user to interact with a computer by using a keyboard or ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

An essay should list the advantages of a computer as a convenience for people and an easy way to connect with others; the essay should list the disadvantages that include a less personalized connection and a lower amount... More » Technology Computers & Hardware