As of 2015, free trivia questions are available on websites such as, Trivia Café and The questions can be printed by opening the page that lists them and using the Print option within bro... More » Technology Internet & Networking, and offer great free trivia questions. Questions are listed along with their answers or incorporated in quizzes and games that users can play. More » Hobbies & Games Puzzles & Brainteasers

Teacher Vision, and have free printable quizzes on different topics. Teacher Vision has numerous geography quizzes available. The topics include world flags, world capitals, oceans a... More » Education K-12
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WebMD has multiple online communities led by professional health experts in numerous fields. Users can submit questions and concerns to the relevant doctor, free of charge. More » Technology Internet & Networking

Websites that answer questions for free include WyzAnt, AllExperts and JustAnswer. The first two websites allow users to ask questions about topics such as pets, games, music and sports, among others, while JustAnswer co... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Users can find free answers for all types of questions by visiting online resources such as Ask a Scientist. There are several Ask a Librarian websites and resources that can provide users with the answers they need. More » Technology Internet & Networking

Some humorous trivia questions include: "Before legally buying a mouse trap in California, a person must first obtain what?"; "In France, what is it illegal to do in a vineyard?"; and "Where is it illegal to fall down an... More » Hobbies & Games Group Games