Find free printable word tracing worksheets at, and These worksheets are ideal for preschool, kindergarten and first grade, but may also be used to reinforc... More » Education K-12,,, and all offer printable tracing worksheets for preschool children. Each website has a variety of worksheets to choose from and also allow for the worksheets to ... More » Education K-12,,, and are all websites that provide printable worksheets appropriate for preschool children. These free worksheets typically focus on eit... More » Education K-12
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Parents can print free pre-kindergarten worksheets at and These worksheets help preschoolers develop essential reading, math and fine motor skills, as well as an understanding of... More » Education K-12

To create writing practice worksheets for children, use an online writing worksheet generator to customize the worksheets based on the writing in question (such as print or cursive) and then print out the generated works... More » Education K-12

Good free worksheets on proportions include worksheets that require students to find the missing number in a proportion and word problems that require students to set up a proportion to solve. Free worksheets are availab... More » Education K-12

Reading Rockets notes there are many examples of informal reading inventories including print concepts, rhyming exercises, word blending and phoneme segmentation. Students being tested should have a distraction-free envi... More » Education K-12