As of 2014, Tattoo Design and Ink Generator offer free services for designing custom tattoos. Tattoo Design has four features for creating a custom tattoo: made-to-order tattoos, a lettering designer, Japanese tattoo cre... More »

It is possible to find thousands of free tattoo designs and tattoo flash art at, and These are only three of the hundreds of sites devoted to sharing tattoo p... More »

Finding free tattoo designs is usually a matter of searching online until the desired image is found. It's best to take time during a tattoo search to find the ideal body art. More »

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Images of tattoos are available at Tattoo Design, Photobucket and Shuttershock. These websites feature photo galleries of tattoos that showcase a number of styles, colors and ideas. More »

Tattoo galleries can be found at Tattoo Design and Check Out My Ink. These resources have a number of tattoos in a variety of colors and designs. More »

Many tattoo design websites, such as Tattoo Easily and Tattoo Design, feature galleries of foot tattoos. Tattoo Easily features a collection of 30 of the site's favorite foot tattoo designs, while Tattoo Design features ... More »

Tattoo Planner and Tattoo Design both have online tattoo creation tools. You can select the wording for your tattoo as well as the design and color of the body art. More »